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Horse riding flowers under the Yangtze River -- Weifang HuaQuan power travels
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"Flowers make Liu Yixiang, leisure is closely." In this lush, fragrant season, we feel from the things is a kind of vitality. This is a vibrant season, this is a passionate era. Time has brought many opportunities to the industry. Each industry is full of fresh vitality.
In May 12, 2015, China Weifang Power Co., a line of people, was invited to visit the Wuxi Xingnuo Electric Co. ltd.. HuaQuan power line in the chairman of Mr. Zhao Lizeng lead, daytime, starry night rush to Wuxi, together to visit Wuxi Xingnuo Electric Co., Ltd. of the technology and the management pattern learning.
First to Wuxi, Zhao Lizeng, a line of people by the Wuxi star promise Electric Co., ltd.. In the conference room, the two brothers Allied Corp launched a cordial talks.
As the host, Wuxi Xingnuo Electric Co., Ltd. chairman Lv Minxing represent Wuxi Xingnuo Electric Co., Ltd. to make a speech, Lv Minxing pointed out that Wuxi star novo Weifang HuaQuan is the brother of a win-win development of enterprise. For a long time, in the development and construction of enterprises on mutual assistance, to maintain friendly relations of cooperation. In recent years, HuaQuan and star Connaught in the production and operation of the market has been closely cooperation, exchange of experience, in the development of fully implements the win-win cooperation, establish a long-term development mechanism. This is a visible achievement, is gratifying. Lv Minxing chairman at the forum stressed that for a long time, China and star Enoch walked arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder, clutching the enterprising, pragmatic innovation, in the process of cooperation to solve the many practical difficulties, which fully demonstrates the two sides sincere and pragmatic attitude of cooperation and confidence. Lv Minxing said, believe in the future years. China Star Connaught to unite, to help each other in difficult, in common and brilliant achievements. This is the sincere wish of star.
Weifang China Power Limited company chairman Zhao Lizeng to Wuxi Xingnuo Electric Co. Ltd. solemnly grateful reception. During the meeting, Zhao Lizeng on the development of the star promises in recent years, expressed great recognition. Zhao Lizeng pointed out: Wuxi Star Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 1970, is a 40 years of brand history of the old name factory. After more than 40 years of vicissitudes, Wuxi star has been ranked in the national famous enterprises, with the focus on technology and management expertise. In the technology, Wuxi star has been the world's leading manufacturer of electric motors, and the star is very modest, very focused, pay attention to new technology learning and research and development, focusing on the training of personnel. Attention and other related business communication and learning. This is the place where we study. Only the ground of the officers can step by step to the success of the. There is general zuiji. Through years of cooperation with Wuxi xingnor, I see is Xingnuo solid learning, modest hospitality attitude. This is a step by step to make a big and strong. Weifang HuaQuan to learn the spirit of humility, and hope that the staff can make full use of the visitors the opportunity to learn the pragmatic style of Wuxi Xingnuo.
After the meeting, in related to the leadership of the Wuxi Xingnuo accompanied by leadership, Weifang HuaQuan line all ginseng view Wuxi Xingnuo production base. The workshop is full of workers busy figure, they are flexible and skilled movements. A row of semi-finished products in order, uniform arrangement, as the next procedure used provides a convenient. Although the number of procedures, in order. Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy.
In the workshop, deputy general manager of China power and Wuxi xingnor leadership made a cordial exchange, and a photo.
Wuxi Star Electric Co., Ltd., with a pragmatic approach to the industry, has been recognized by the industry. All models are made by high quality regardless of motor, red copper wire as the motor core. Good conductivity, stable performance. Refine on in detail, has been the scene of China Power chairman Zhao Lizeng affirmed.
After Wuxi Star Electric Co., Ltd., the staff of the company, numerical control testing is the most important step in the production of motor, but also the highest technical content. The motor of the finished product is qualified in all kinds of performance, all of which are displayed by the performance test console. Therefore, the operation must be strictly standardized, meticulous. Wuxi star international advanced HSJF-3 type AC generator unit performance test console. From the data show that the performance of the motor is strictly tested in all aspects, which is an important pass of quality.
Learn the advanced management concepts and production technology of the industry is the most efficient way to improve the enterprise. Weifang HuaQuan power chairman Zhao Lizeng readily accepted and passion for Wuxi Xingnuo Electric Co., Ltd. hospitality expressed heartfelt thanks. China Power delegation and Wuxi xingnor chairman and reception staff cordial photo.
"Wide cross-strait tide, the wind is hanging yifan." Sincere cooperation is the beginning of a win-win development. Take the sincere trust as the fundamental, with advanced technology as the capital. We believe that in the near future, HuaQuan star Connaught will arm in arm, side by side, Li Yong forefront of national power market, fight to the four seas. Create a bright blue sky.







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